installation & maintenance






  • Begin by killing of existing turf and weeds, use a good herbicide as per directions.Allow 10 - 14 days for it to take effect, a second spray may be required.
  • Remove large clods, sticks, & any other debris.
  • Rotary Hoeing is a recommended procedure for aeration of soil to stimulate root growth.
  • If the site soil has good qualities you may not be required to purchase new soil.
  • If imported soil is required, measure the area and the height of soil you require.
  • Contact us and we will be able to assit you with the ammount you require  
  • Rake your surface smooth and Level removing any debris, rocks and roots
  • Keep the soil level under or below footpaths and driveaways.


  • Start from a straight longest edge, such as a fence or driveway.
  • Unroll your new lawn making sure all joins are buttered tightly together , without stretching. Avoic gaps and overlaps.
  • Stagger the joints in eachrow in a brick like fashion.
  • Use a sharp square ended spade or a large sharp knife to edge around garden beds, trees etc
  • Avoid leaving small pieces of lawn on the outside edges as they will dry out quickly
  • When you come to a slope place the across the slope, to avoid indentations



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  • Once you have installed your new lawn avoid heavy traffic or concentrated use of your new lawn. this gives the roots and opportunity to firmly knit with the soil
  • Once your new lawn is installed water immediately to prevent drying out
  • 7-10 Days water should be applied Early morning and late afternoon
  • When your new lawn has taken root into the soil. When this is done you can now water less frequent & deeper watering should begin
  • Weather conditions will indicate the amount and frequency of watering.
  • Be certain that your new lawn has enough moisture to survive hot, dry or windy conditions


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